Code Of Conduct And Etiquette For USA Dance-Beckley WV #6064 Events

                     (Taken from generally accepted principals of etiquette for all ballrooms)

Respect the venue.  Paying an admission price grants you access to full participation in what the club  
is offering.  It  does not however, entitle you to treat the venue as your own.  
(This includes over-riding the social area with loud or excessive talk; intruding on the deejay by
pushing “your music”; or   treating the facility as your own studio for private lessons or routine
Respect the attendants.  Be friendly, respectful and courteos to all.  Dress in appropriate (modest)
Respect the hosts.  Events are organized and conducted by unpaid volunteers.  Refrain from
complaints and be generous with compliments and encouragements.

                                                     Inviting Someone To Dance:
If there is someone you want to dance with, you should feel free to go and ask him or her to
dance.  Although tradition has men asking women to dance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with
women asking men.
    Requests to dance should be polite and can be very simple, such as, “May I have this dance?”, etc.
If you must decline, it is common courtesy, but not required, to provide a reason (such as, “I’m
resting”).   If you have declined, you should not accept an invitation from another person during that
particular song.  
However, if for some reason you are uncomfortable dancing with an individual you are certainly at
liberty  to decline their invitation and accept an invitation from someone else.)

                                                                 On The Floor:
Use caution when entering and leaving the dance floor while other couples are dancing.
Both partners need to look out for danger and potential collisions. If a collision occurs, apologize to
the couple you collided with. (This goes for both couples involved, regardless of which couple bumped
into the other.)
Follow the line of dance. Dance counter-clockwise around the room for dances that progress/travel
around the floor. (Some moves may take you against line of dance and it is OK to do them if the area
behind you is clear.)
Condense your steps when necessary.  On crowded floors, you may dance your same patterns in a
smaller area.
Stay in the proper section of the dance floor. Faster moving couples stay to the outside; slower
moving couples to the inside; and if you are not traveling, then you should go to the center of the dance
Do not practice routines or give extensive lessons.  Showing something new or instructing
beginners is acceptable  (and encouraged), but you must not treat the dance floor as a personal studio.
Practice “Ballroom”, not “Bar-room”.  Ballroom style dancing places emphasis on conducting
yourselves as ladies and gentlemen.  Refrain from excessive bumping, grinding, petting, and making-out
on the dance floor, or on the premises where the event is being held.

                                                        After The Song Ends:
Always thank your partner when the song ends.  It is also nice to walk your partner off the floor.
Clear the floor.  Conversations should be conducted off the dance floor (even if no one else is dancing
at the time).
Keep it down.  Conversation is certainly a part of the social benefit of dances; but avoid being too loud.
Keep it clean.  Profane, suggestive, or offensive speech is unacceptable.

                                                      During Group Lessons:
Optional participation.  No one is required to participate in any lesson being given.  However, those
choosing not to participate should sit quietly with minimal conversation, or exit the building.
Limited participation.  Participants are limited to what the instructor is teaching.  No one should be
privately teaching their partner steps or styles beyond what the designated instructor is giving (either on
or off the floor while a class is in progress).
Consistent participation.  If an instructor is teaching a pattern similar, but  different from something
you have learned, follow the pattern being taught, or do not participate in the class. “When in Rome, do
as the Romans.”  
Beneficial participation.  To keep dancing alive, experienced dancers must have compassion,
respect, and patience for new dancers and beginner-level lessons.

                                                              After The Dance:
Clean up your own area.  And, when possible, assist with re-setting the room (stack chairs, move
tables, etc.).
Give thanks.  Thank the host, the deejay, the servers, the people you danced with, the doorkeeper....
anyone who played a role in making the event possible.
Leave.  Don't make volunteers wait for you to finish a conversation before they can lock-up and go

Failure to comply with this code may result in offenders being expelled from the premises.  Repeat
offenders may be banned from all future events associated with USA Dance, Beckley WV, Chapter

   Additional Policies and Practices Of USA Dance-Beckley WV #6064

No use of tobacco (smoke or spit) within twenty feet of event building.

No alcohol on premises of events (unless provided by proprietor of a rented venue).

Admission costs are established and subject to change by approval of the Board.

Admission costs for first-time visitors are discounted to the current member price.  
After that, the admission costs will be the non-member rate.

Child participants must be attended and monitored by a parent or guardian.

Child non-participants must be attended and monitored by a parent or guardian; kept off the dance
floor; and electronic devices must be used with headphones.

Non-Participant Guests:  Visitors wishing to observe without participating may sit-in on one regular      
weekly meeting free of charge.  After the first attendance, non-participating guests may enter and
observe at the normal “member price” (unless other arrangements are made with, and approved by, the
    Due to the nature of the event, non-participant guests are still required to pay the non-member   
admission price for monthly dances or special events.

Member Birthday Reward:  Members of USA-Dance Beckley Chapter #6064 may attend the regular
monthly dance free of charge the month of their birthday.  If the birthday month coincides with a special
event, the free attendance may be carried over to the next available regular monthly dance.  (Members
are responsible for informing doorkeeper of the birthday.)

Chapter Membership is attained through membership in the national, non-profit group “USA Dance,
Inc.”.   Which may be acquired via a membership form available from the chapter, and the payment of an
annual fee determined by the national organization.  Once the form and payment is received at the local
chapter, applicants become eligible  for all member benefits.  (Fees for membership in USA Dance, Inc.
are non-refundable.)

Upon majority approval of Board Members present, USA Dance-Beckley WV #6064 reserves the right to
refuse admission to anyone deemed unfit or unsuitable for participation in the event; and to expel any
persons failing to comply with the policies of the chapter.